The Documentary

The Manuel Documentary tells the story of Nashville-based fashion designer Manuel, who’s dressed famous rock and roll and country musicians with Rhinestone studded outfits.




Yuri Portrait.jpg

Yuri Figueroa

Yuri was born in Colima, Mexico and studied film in Mexico City. Since the beginning, he has been very fond of exploring and experimenting with different subjects and ways to tell stories. His audiovisual art has been displayed across the globe, and he now resides in Nashville where he is working on developing other films as well as continuing to work on other audiovisual projects.

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Josh Harrell

Josh is a filmmaker and storyteller who currently resides in Atlanta. Having shown his short documentary films across the festival circuit, Manuel marks his feature-length debut. Josh works at the advertising agency Moxie where he strategizes how clients, such as Porsche and Whole Foods, can tell more meaningful stories.